A Statement From the SSANBA

The SSANBA Summer Slam three day basketball tournament successfully came to an end on Sunday at Frankston Basketball Stadium. We want to thank all the team managers that registered their teams into this great event that has been going on since 2003. We want to thank all the people that work with us at the event. We want to thank our supporters who come to watch the event. 48 teams with a total of 500 players participated in the tournament. It’s been a really good event and it has helped a lot of young people get scholarships to colleges in America over the years.

Towards the end of our event yesterday, 12 youths that had nothing to do with our event came and started hanging out around the facility car park. Witnesses say they were intoxicated. They started fighting each other and then ran to a nearby Kananook train station where it continued. The police went there and stopped the fight and made some arrests. It is not clear why they fought themselves. None of our basketball players were involved in those embarrassing acts. We have never had any bad issues at this event. We informed the police in the area about our tournament a few weeks prior and they came to the facility and saw that everything was running well.

The SSANBA is a community organisation that seeks to engage youth through sport. We have helped thousands of young people over the years. We want young people to concentrate on their education and basketball at their free time. We would like to request all media houses to not associate out tournament with that behaviour. Our players are great kids that are focused on their education and basketball. The issue at the train station is a police matter. We don’t have anything to do with it. They will be sorting out the youths that were involved in that. We however would like to encourage those idle youth in our community to pick up a sport in their local area (Basketball, Soccer, Footy etc). We believe that would engage them so they don’t feel socially excluded. That will stop the anti social behaviour.

– SSANBA Executive Committee.